About Check Key

Check Key is the Premier Backflow Check Tool on the Market

The Check Key backflow tool removes and installs #1 check valves for the Ames Silver Bullet and Watts 774 – 994 Backflow Prevention Valves. The Check Key backflow tool is designed and built for backflow technicians to service the #1 check valve easily and safely in the field.

We also have a Check Key backflow tool to remove and install the #2 check valve. We make four Check Key backflow tools for servicing the #1 and #2 check valves. They can be purchased individually or in sets. The Check Key backflow tool works with both reduced pressure zone (RPZ) and double check backflow assemblies.


I am the owner of a plumbing company and a licensed backflow tester. I have been in the plumbing business for 39 years. I created the Check Key backflow tool because Ames does not make a tool to easily remove check valves and my technicians and I were tearing them up while removing them for testing and repairs. We also had a problem getting the valves tight enough to seat the check in the body.

With Check Key backflow tool there is no more tearing up the check valve by removing it with a screwdriver, or having a leak from not installing it tight enough. A proper working backflow device can prevent contamination of drinking water from harmful toxins including fertilizers, weed killers and fire protection chemicals. Check Key backflow tools help maintain the Ames Silver Bullets’ Watts 774-994’s #1 and #2 check valves properly and easily.

Each Check Key backflow tool is built in the USA, by hand of durable, solid steel. It uses a ½” drive ratchet or breaker bar to turn the check valve in the body. Patent pending on Check Key backflow tool. Each Check Key backflow tool comes with a lifetime warranty against breakage under normal usage. If it ever breaks just mail it back and we’’ll replace it.

American Backflow Products and Quick Response Fire Supply are official vendors of Check Key products.